Address Change

What are the documents required to be submitted for a change of address?

Form-2 duly filled-in.

Proof of Address (any of the documents listed below is acceptable)

If the passport is not issued from outside Shimla, we need confirmation
of your passport particulars from the original issuing office.

NO police verification is required for change of address.] 

Proof of Address (attach two of the following documents)

1.     Applicant’s ration card

2.     Letter from a reputed company on their letter head regarding stay proof;

3.     Statement of running bank account along with a letter from the Bank

4.     Election ID card

5.     Letter from the concerned Administrative Department (in the case of Govt. Employees)
  regarding the applicant’s present address as per departmental records

6.     Appointment letter of reputed companies

7.     Income tax assessment order

8.     Spouse’s passport copy

9.     Parents’ passport copy in case of minor

10.   Domicile certificate issued by Tahsildar

11.   Water bill /telephone (landline) bill /electricity bill / Gas connection confirmation

12.   Property Tax in the name of the applicant

13.   Lease agreement with additional proof such as cellphone bill.


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