Correction Of Wrong Entries In The Passport

I received my passport recently, but some of the entries made in it are erroneous.
How should I proceed to have them corrected ?

Please follow the following procedure, if the passport was issued in the last ONE year:

 1. Surrender the passport along with the application at our PO Shimla, between 09:30 AM and 12:30 PM.
You can also send it by registered post, with an extra self-addressed stamped envelope.

(Postal address:
The Passport Officer, Railway Board Building, 3rd Floor, Near SBI, The Mall, SHIMLA HP - 171003;
Please mention "FOR TYPE OF CORRECTION "  on the Form-II.)

 2. If it is found from your application that the errors are on our part, the passport will be dispatched to you
duly corrected, in about
4 working days of receipt of your request here. No fee is required to be paid in this case.
Otherwise your passport will be returned to you without correction, advising you of the further course of action.

If the passport was issue more than a year ago (or) if the error is on the part of the applicant,  you will have
to apply afresh for the correction (miscellaneous service), with the relevant supporting documents.
Fee will be payable in this case.

The status page of the website shows some of my personal details as erroneously entered.
How can I have them corrected?

If there are any corrections required on the details shown in our status page, please send an e-mail
explaining the problem to Your request will be examined on file and the relevant
corrections carried out, if warranted.

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