Government & Public Sector Emloyees

What are the documentation requirements for State Government/Central Government/PSU employees,
as per the new guidelines ?

Employees in Government Service and PSUs, whose identity is certified in the prescribed proforma (Annexure “B”
of the Revised Passport Information Booklet) by the Head of Department or the Head of the PSU or a person duly
authorized by them for this purpose, and their immediate family members (wife and dependent children only)
may be issued a passport valid for ten years without any pre- or post-police verification.
In case of Government Service and PSUs, they have to give two copies of NOC in original with department I Card.
In all such cases, the applicants will also have to furnish the standard affidavit as given at Annexure “I” (Please refer the tatkaal section for format).

Is Identity Certificate  mandatory for State Government/Central Government/PSU employees?

Yes.  Identity Certificate (Annexure B) issued by the competent authority in the prescribed proforma is a must for these
employees for getting their passports, without police verification.

I am working in ICICI Bank? Am I required to furnish the Identity Certificate?

Only those persons working in companies, which are owned by the State/Central Governments, need to submit
“Identity Certificates”. Employees of Private Banks are not required to submit “Identity Certificates” for getting passports. 

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