The following are general guidelines which need to be borne in mind while filling up a passport application form:

  • Use black/blue ball pen only, as other colours are reserved for official use. 
    (Do not fill the form with a pencil or a fountain pen, for reasons of erasability/susceptibility to damage).

  • Write clearly inside the boxes provided, wherever applicable.

  • Adjust your information to fit within the number of boxes provided.

  • No over-writing or white-fluid correction is allowed. Minor corrections, wherever done, should be signed by the applicant.

  • Signature or thumb impression should be strictly within the box provided, and should not touch the boundaries.
    (For illiterate male applicants, the left thumb impression should be affixed and for illiterate female applicants,
    the right thumb impression should be affixed

  • The size of the photograph should fit the dimensions of the box provided for the purpose.
    The photograph should have a light background (preferably white or cream) and should show the full face
    of the applicant frontally.

  • Long names should be split into two segments (first name and surname) in such a way as to fit the number of
    boxes provided.

  • The amount of fee applicable should be clearly entered, along with selection of the mode of payment
    (Cash/Demand Draft).  Wherever payment is by DD, the Bank Draft Number (six digits) and the Name
    of the Bank are to be entered. (The DD should be made in favour of "The Passport Officer, Bangalore")
  • Incomplete Applications will not be accepted.

  • Please note that furnishing of incorrect information would attract penalty under section 12 of the
    Passport Act, 1967.

Instructions for filling specific columns:

Column 1:

  • The name is to be written in full. No initials are permissible. Please note that “Given name” means the same as
    “First name”.  Middle name, if any, can be indicated after the first name (or) before the last name (surname).

    (While filling the full name of the applicant, father’s name can be included as part of the applicant’s surname,
    as is the convention in some parts of India.)

Column 2:

  • This is required only for those applicants who have changed their name in the past. In the case of female applicants,
    the maiden name, if different from the current name, is to be indicated here.
    (The names are to be written in full.
    No initials are permissible.)

Column 3:

  • The Gender of the applicant has to be carefully selected with a “ √ ” mark in the appropriate box.

Column 4:

  • Date of birth should be entered in DD/MM/YYYY format (ex:  06.08.2005 ,  15.12.1999  etc.)
    (Note: Birth certificate produced for proof of date of birth should indicate the name of the baby)

Column 5: 

  • Place of Birth should be indicated along with the District and the State. (Country should be indicated, if other than India)

Column 6:

  • Father’s name to be written in full (no initials allowed)  (If, however, the total length of the name exceeds 75 characters,
    one or more of the middle name(s) can be abbreviated by an initial
    , to bring it under this limit.

Column 7:

  • Mother’s name to be written in full (no initials allowed)  (If, however, the total length of the name exceeds 75 characters,
    one or more of the middle name(s) can be abbreviated by an initial
    , to bring it under this limit.

Column 8:

  • Husband’s name or Wife’s name, to be filled in as applicable, for married applicants.
    (Marriage Certificate or Joint Affidavit
    (with joint photograph) should be furnished as a supporting document.)
    If divorced/widow/widower, the category should be indicated, with documentary proof (such as divorce court order or
    death certificate)

Column 9 and 9(a):

  • Your present address in India needs to be written. If the period for which you have been residing at this address is
    less than one full year, you have to indicate the other relevant address(es) in column
    9(a), along with the time period
    spent at each address. This information is critical, as police verification for each of these addresses. 
    Office address should not be written here.
    Telephone numbers (with area code) are
    useful for expediting police enquiry and also for
    our follow up, if required.

Proof of residence at the previous address should also be provided in such cases.
(This could also include time spent at addresses abroad, although a formal police verification
           is normally not done for such cases). (In the case of new born babies less than one year old,
           this column will obviously not be applicable.)

           Withholding/Suppression of any relevant information could attract penalties under section 12
of the Passport Act, 1967.

Column 10:

  • Your permanent address in India, where correspondence could be addressed to you, if required. If this is the same as
    your present address, please mention it accordingly. (Ex: if you are not available at your present address, or if you are abroad).

Column 11:

  • This information is very important.  Any previous passport held by you at any point of time, whether valid now
    or otherwise, should be indicated, along with the relevant file number (mentioned inside the passport) and place
    of issue of the passport.  If you had applied and a passport was not issued (for whatever reason), the passport number
    can be left blank and/or mentioned as “not received”,  but the file number should be provided along with the place of
    application (place of issue). This information could also include Diplomatic/Official passports, if any.
    Withholding/Suppression of any
    information in this regard will be viewed seriously and penalties applicable
    under the Passport Act, 1967, will be imposed.

Column 11(a):

  • If you have travelled to India on an Emergency Certificate (EC), or have been ever deported, or repatriated to
    India at Government cost, then the details of the EC number, date and place of issue along with original seizure
    memorandum, place and country from where deported or repatriated, should be indicated in this column.
    Even if the EC details are not available readily, at least the place and country should be indicated here.
    All such applicants should furnish details of the circumstances of their repatriation/loss of passport in the
    form of a notarised affidavit. 

Column 12:

  • (a)      Please mentioned only the classes/degrees successfully completed.

    (b)      Any prominent and visible distinguishing mark can be mentioned (ex. Moles, scars, etc.).

    (c)      Height in feet/inches (or) centimetres to be provided.

Column 13:

  • This information is critical.  Any suppression of this information can attract penalties under the Passport Act,
    1967 and/or other action by the Concerned Departments.
    If working in Central/State Govt, Public Sector Undertakings, or Statutory Bodies, an "Identity Certificate" from the concerned office should be attached, as per Annexure-B.

Column 14:

  • The category under which Indian Citizen was acquired/granted is to be mentioned. Any previous citizenship, along
    with supporting document, is to be indicated. Citizenship documents are also to be produced, in cases where Indian
    citizenship has been acquired through registration/naturalization.

Column 15:

  • To be able to select the relevant option, please refer the ECNR page of our website (click here) for a list of all categories
    eligible for ECNR.  Applicants
    below the age of 18 years and those above the age of 50 years can select “yes” regardless
    of other factors of eligibility.

Column 16:

  • For minor applicants, consent of both parents is required for issue of a passport.  (Format as per Annexure H)
    Single parents are required to furnish a notarized affidavit giving details as to why they wish to apply for a passport
    for their child as a single parent.
    Relevant supporting documents (including Court orders, if any) are to be produced.
  • Passport numbers (along with photocopies of passports) of both parents are required to be furnished. 
    If parents  have applied for passports (which have not yet been issued), then the relevant file numbers should be given.
  • In cases where the parents do not hold valid passports, applications for such minors can be made on the basis of 3
    documents (out of the 14 listed), along with Annexure-I. In all such cases, the passport of the minor child
    will be issued on post-police verification basis.
  • (For adopted children, there is a special set of requirements.  For details click here).

Column 17:

  • Please fill in each of these sub-columns carefully, as the information required is critical. Withholding
    of any information in this regard will be treated as material suppression of fact and penalties applicable
    will be imposed under the Passport Act, 1967
    as amended from time to time.

Column 18:

  • The details of a family member or relative could be provided, to deal with any emergency.

Column 19:

  • The Declaration has to be carefully read and understood and thereafter signed (or thumb impressioned) personally
    by the applicant.
    The applicant also declares that he holds no other passport or travel document.
    Failure to sign the declaration can result in non-processing of your application.
  • In the case of minors, the applying parent should sign the declaration along with the minor.

Column 20:

  • The supporting documents (2 copies) furnished by you should be listed, as far as possible, in the correct order
    in which they are enclosed. This should typically look like this:

1.      Proof of address(es).

2.      Proof of Date of Birth (DOB). (ex: Birth Certificate (or) School Certificate)

3.      Citizenship Document (wherever applicable).

4.      Identity Certificate ("Annexure-B") (applicable for government employees)

5.      Educational Qualifications (for ECNR cases).

6.      Marriage Certificate (or) Joint Affidavit.("Annnexure-D")

7.      Parents’ Declaration ("Annnexure-H") - for minor applicants.

8.      Deedpoll/Affidavit for change of name ("Annnexure-E")(wherever applicable)

9.      Two Leading Newspaper cuttings announcing change of name (wherever applicable)

10.    3 documents list (out of the 14 identity documents listed) for post-police verification cases.

11.    Old Passport copies (wherever applicable)

    It is advised that all applicants keep a set of photocopies of the application and all the supporting documents

    until the application is successfully processed and the passport is received by them.

Can you advise me on the various requirements for filling up an application form and submitting it?

a)    Proof of Address (attach one of the following)

 1.     Applicant’s ration card

 2.     Letter from a reputed company on their letter head regarding stay proof;

 3.     Statement of running bank account along with a letter from the Bank

 4.     Election ID card

 5.     Letter from the concerned Administrative Department (in the case of Govt. Employees)
   regarding the applicant’s present address as per departmental records

 6.     Appointment letter of reputed companies

 7.     Income tax assessment order

 8.     Spouse’s passport copy

 9.     Parents’ passport copy in case of minor

 10.   Water bill /telephone bill (landline) /electricity bill(if computerized with full address on it) / Gas connection confirmation with full address

b)    Proof of Date of Birth

1.      Birth certificate issued by Municipal Authority or District Office

2.      Date of Birth certificate/Nationality Certificate from the school last attended by the applicant.

3.      An affidavit sworn before a Magistrate/Notary stating nationality and date/place of birth as per the specimen
in “Annexure A’ by illiterate or semi-literate applicants.

c)    Citizenship document if applicant is a citizen of India by Registration or Naturalization

d)    Government/Public Sector/Statutory body employees should submit an ‘Identity Certificate’ in original (Annexure B). [Police verification is not required in cases where such Identity Certificates are submitted.]

e)    If the applicant is eligible for “ECNR” attach attested copy of supporting document. [Please click here for details).

f)     If the applicant was repatriated at Government of cost, enclose documents to show that the expenditure, if any incurred by the Government of India on  his/her repatriation has been fully refunded to the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.

g)   If the applicant was ever deported to India, give details of Emergency Certificate/Passport

h)   Marriage certificate, or a Joint Affidavit (with joint photograph) would be required for inclusion of spouse's name on the passport)

i)   For minor cases, there are additional requirements. (Please click here for details)

j)   On submission of 3 documents from the list of 14 documents (please refer tatkaal section on our website),
provided one of the 3 documents is a  photo identity document and at least one of these three is amongst the
documents indicated at (a) to (i) in Annexure-B,  passports can be issued on post-police verification basis.
In addition to this the applicant should also furnish an affidavit executed on non-judicial stamp paper of Rs.20/-
duly attested by a notary public as per the specimen given in the passport information booklet (Annexure-I).

      This procedure is particularly useful for applicants who have stayed in more than one address for the past
one-year period.

k)  Two photocopies of all supporting documents are to submitted along with the application. Originals are required to be shown at the counter for physical verification. For re-issue cases, two copies of the old passport are required to be submitted, in addition to proof of present address.

      It is advised that all applicants keep a set of photocopies of the application and all the supporting documents until the application is successfully processed and the passport is issued.

      I have recently shifted to a new house. But the house is under a company lease. The house lease agreement is in the name of my company and not in my name. So I cannot provide the lease agreement copy for proof of address. I have therefore obtained a letter from my company, on the company's letter head, stating my residence address. Can I submit this company letter for proof of address?

Yes, we accept letters from reputed companies, on their letter head, for residence proof.  To supplement the proof, you may attach either (i) telephone bill or (ii) bank letter confirming that you are operating an account with the bank from the address mentioned.

      Note: Lease agreements are not acceptable as independent proofs of residence.
They can however be submitted along with an additional address proof, such a mobile phone bill etc.

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