Re-Issue Of Passport

What are the documents required to be submitted along with the application for re-issue of an expired/expiring passport?

Reissue of passports (including due to change in name, surname, date of birth, inclusion of spouse name, etc.) under the Tatkaal Scheme will be done with in 7-10 working days on payment of a tatkaal fee of Rs.1500/- (instead of 5 days earlier). Alternatively, passports will be re-issued for 10 years on payment of the normal fee of Rs.1000/- within a period of 15 days from the date of application.

No police verification will be necessary for renewal/re-issue of passport. For passports issued at other offices, a confirmation of particulars will be required from the original issuing authority. To avoid delays in confirmation,
applicants can avail of the 3-document option, or submit a Verification Certificate
, along with the standard affidavit
at Annexure-I

 The following are the documents required:

1.  Application Form (Form-I) duly filled-in.

2.  Expired passport, along with two photocopies of the same.

3.  Proof of residence, but only if the present address is different from that in the expired passport.

4.  Marriage Certificate, if the spouse name was not included in the expired passport.  is also acceptable, along with a copy of spouse's passport)

5. Educational qualification certificate, if ECNR is required.

Note: Attach an Identity Certificate in original if you are in the service of Central/State Government/Public Sector Undertakings, Statutory Bodies and the like, as per Annexure-B in the passport information booklet. This should be accompanied by the standard affidavit at Annexure-I.

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